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Looking for a new window cleaner? Look no further!

I offer a high quality and reliable window cleaning service in Liverpool. Using pure water technology through ‘water fed poles’ I can brilliantly clean your windows, conservatories, and UPVC soffits & fascias, without leaving any streaks! I can even reach over awkward extensions and conservatories to make sure all your windows sparkle!

Monthly Pricing

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Pricing is based on the average sized house, if your property is particularly small, or large and you would like a tailored price please let me know.


Direct debit

This is a direct debit only service, no cash payments are taken. Direct debit is the most convenient and efficient way to take payment for this service, if you have not used direct debit before you will wonder why you didn't sooner.


  • No more worrying about when the window cleaner will be coming to collect!
  • No more worrying about having the money on you when he does!
  • No missed collection visits so you owe months at a time!
  • After the direct debit is set up you do not have to lift a finger!
  • When you set up a direct debit you get your first clean free!!!


Once you sign up for the direct debit, no payment is taken until the clean has been carried out. This will usually follow a few days later. Most normal direct debit are collected on a set date each month, this direct debit will only collect AFTER your windows have been cleaned. Your payments are also protected by the Direct Debit guarantee, meaning in the event of any errors you are entitled to a full and immediate refund from your bank.



Customers who set up a direct debit will receive there first window clean free. Within 7 days of setting up your direct debit I will come out and clean your windows, I will then fit you onto a monthly round and will only collect your first payment after the second visit. This is an introductory offer so may only be available for a limited time, you can sign up here!


Please note, this offer is subject to the direct debit remaining in payment for at least three months. Direct debits cancelled before this period end will be charged for the first clean. Any outstanding balances will be pursued.

The service you can expect

You can expect a reliable, high quality and professional service. I will text you the night before I am coming to remind you to completely close all your windows and ensure the rear windows are accessible. The next day I will come to make your windows, frames, sill and UPVC/Composite doors sparkle. If you didn't notice your shiney windows, I will leave you a card so you know I have been. Payment will then be requested from your bank and

taken a few days later.


Such a simple and effective service, you'll wonder why it wasn't done like this sooner! I will place you in a particular round, so you will know roughly when to expect me each month, something you may not be used to with

your previous window cleaners! It will not be the same date each month as this may fall on a weekend or bank holiday, but a similar day, for example; the 3rd Monday of every month. If for any reason I cannot access your rear

windows, you will only be charged 50% of the cost.

The Future of Window Cleaning

So what is pure water? It is tap water that has been through a 4 stage filtration process to remove all impurities, leaving it completely pure. If you consider that in Liverpool the tap water has a TDS (Total Disolved Solids) count of roughly 100, pure water is zero. If you were to clean your windows with this alone, they would still appear dirty. Traditional window cleaners was the dirt off with detergent and squeegee the water away to stop this happening. However, streaking may be a possible and by using a detergent this leaves an invisible film on the glass that may attract dirt and mean your windows get dirtier quicker. This pure water has amazing cleaning properties and leaves windows sparkling clean, without the need to dry or squeegee the glass. It will also mean your windows remain cleaner for longer. When combined with the 'water fed pole' its cleaning power is unbeatable. The poles can reach across awkward extensions or conservatories, all from the saftey of the ground. As a brush is used, the frames and sills can easily be cleaned, not only will this make your windows look even better, but mean your windows stay cleaner for longer as there will not be any dirt on the frames to come down onto the glass. No more missed windows, no more ladder damage, no more streaking, no more awkward eye contacts with your window cleaner through the bedroom window!


This is how the majority of window cleaners operate, but beware the 'splash ‘n' dashers'. It is not as easy as it looks, there is still a lot of skill involved in insuring that your windows sparkle, if you are not completely happy with your current window cleaner perhaps this is why! 


The benefits of pure water window cleaning are;

  • Better results that stay cleaner for longer!
  • All work is from the safety of the ground!
  • Frames and sills are cleaned every time!
  • It can reach heights and angles traditional window cleaners can't!
  • Windows can be cleaned in all conditions safely and without comprimising finish - rain, ice, winds, no problem!
  • No more walking on flower beds to access windows!
  • No damage to your property!
  • Cleans leaded windows with absolute ease!
  • No chemical are used, it is completely environmentally friendly!
  • No more dirty water or cloths that have been used on several other houses!


However, people can occasionally experience a brown or white run down onto the windows (mainly after the first clean) once the windows are dry. This is due to water running down from the frames or vents after the clean, however should not happen again. If this happens, please let your window cleaner know within 24 hours and I am sure they will be happy to re-clean.

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