Pressure Washing Services

Surface cleaning; from £50 for a small driveway/patio

o   Driveways

o   Patios

o   Paths

o   Decking

o   Fences

o   Garden furniture

o   Ornaments


Using specialist pressure washing equipment, I can clean any surface of algae, moss, weeds using water alone, and even try and remove/reduce stains such as, oil, paint or rust at your request with detergents.


I can clean your driveway, patio, paths, decking, walls, fences, ornaments, or garden furniture. Including these surfaces;


o   Block paving

o   Tarmac

o   Concrete

o   Pattern Imprinted Concrete (PIC)

o   Flags

o   Indian Sandstone


My 4 horse powered Honda GX 160 pressure washer is capable of 135bar (1960psi) and combined with a rotary head flat surface cleaner will make light work of most dirt. The flat surface cleaner is designed specifically for cleaning driveways and patios. It’s spinning arm cuts through the dirt in no time, and contains the debris under its head to reduce mess. The water jets are carefully angled at 15 degrees to get under the dirt without causing any threat to the paving. A traditional lance is then used to wash down the area and remove any stubborn debris.


Using water alone is completely environmentally friendly and will remove most of the dirt and stains. However tough stains, or oil/grease marks may require detergents to remove, but I can talk to you about these options if necessary.


If its block paving that has been cleaned I will then come back once the surface is dry and brush kiln dried sand into the joints to strengthen the structure of the paving and inhibit weed growth.

Sealing; clean and seal from £130 for small driveway/patio

After your surface has been cleaned you could choose to have the surface professionally sealed. Sealing the surface provides a barrier to resist stains, increase the abrasion resistance of the surface, protects from the effects sunlight, maintains the structure of the joints of the paving and inhibits the growth of weeds, moss, algae, lichen and ants. Depending on your aesthetic preference, the sealer can either produce subtle matt finish or nice sheen to complete the  freshly laid look.


Sealer can be applied to the following surfaces;

o   Block paving

o   Concrete

o   Pattern Imprinted Concrete (PIC)

o   Flags

o   Indian Sandstone


Please note, sealing the surface does not mean that regular maintenance of the surface isn’t needed. It just means the surface is preserved and easier to maintain. Please see the maintenance section for advice on caring for your surface. The lifespan of the sealant is between 3-5 years depending on the footfall of the surface.

Tarmac Restoration

I can apply a high performance surface coating specially formulated to make tired old tarmac look just like new. This will give a strong and resilient, ‘like new’ finish which protects from the effects of the weather, oil/grease and algae/weed growth. Providing long term protection, while restoring the black finish of your tarmac.

Oil Reduction/Removal

Oil stains are a common blight of a beautiful surface and can be difficult to remove depending on the substances, volume and time stained. Due to this complete removal cannot be guaranteed. However using a special degreasing agent and my jet washing kit if the stain isn’t completely removed it will be substantially removed.


If you are worried about oil stains ruining your surface, you may wish to consider having the surface professionally sealed to create a barrier between the contaminant and your surface. Significantly reducing the chance of oil/grease stains and meaning the surface is much easier to clean/maintain. 

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